Animal Farm meets the circus!

Orwell’s Animal Farm, performed by Bluecoat Academy.

Bluecoat Academy took their own spin on the classic book and play, Animal Farm.  Animal farm is a book in which animals in a farm, named Manor Farm, rise up against their human owner, Mr Jones.

Mr Mansell’s fantastic idea of a circus theme makes this play amazing. This stunning rendition of Animal Farm was brilliantly performed by years 7-13. It took place on 6th, 7th and 8th of February.

The reception and intro were great; it didn’t take very long for us to come in and start the show. As soon as it started we noticed the movements of the animals were quite similar to how the animals would move, without going on all fours.

The costumes were well made and looked a lot like the creatures they represented without using normal animal costumes. However, there were quite a few disturbing scenes in this play which may not have been suitable for younger audiences.

Animal Farm has quite a serious and dark theme as it is a representation of the Russian Communists after Lenin died.  Yet the original idea of a circus theme added humour and lightened the mood, with a custard pie fight at the end bringing lots of laughs.

The voices were extremely clear and there were very few stutters.  You could tell the actors had spent a lot of their free time learning lines and sorting out movements, and the result meant the animal’s voices matched their roles.  It was a nice mix of different ages.

The plot was very engaging and the producers made great use of small space. We give Bluecoat Academy’s performance of Animal farm an 8/10.


One thought on “Animal Farm meets the circus!

  1. Really great report, I happened to have the luck of seeing it as well I agree completely and think their report is amazing. Carry on the good work! – john

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