Oz the great and powerful

If you’re obsessed with flying monkeys, china dolls and magic, then this is the movie for you. Who doesn’t want to watch a movie about airborne mammals!

The film stars James Franco as Oscar Diggs who ends up in the magical Land of Oz after being caught up in a hurricane.

Warring Witch sisters Theodora, Evanora and Glinda, played by Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams, greet him in turn, showing him the good and the bad in the mystical land.

The wizard of Oz has always been a mysterious character in the original Oz movie. This movie opens up to how he actually became the wizard of Oz in a very imaginative way.

At the start of the movie, the Land of Oz is under the rule of the wicked witch Evanora, living in fear, hoping that one day the prophecy will come true, that a wizard will come and save them. With the arrival of Oscar, a small time travelling circus magician, havoc occurs when he tricks everyone into thinking that he is the wizard

The wicked witch finds out that the wizard has come so she tricks him into thinking that Glinda the good witch is actually bad. Evanora uses her crystal ball and some magic to trick Theodora, thus disturbing the balance in the Land of Oz.

Oscar must now choose between returning home and risking his life, changing the fate of Oz.

It’s brilliant being a film reviewer – you get to watch movies for ‘work’! This was just another excuse to watch another film.

Welcome to Jenny and Hannah’s film reviews – our reviews need to be read as we’re amazing!

The film wasn’t exactly our favourite. We found it confusing as too many things were happening at once and they talked too much.

Kids nowadays don’t want to hear talking; they want to see action. It’s not that the movie’s too short, it’s that the plot is too long.

It’s hard to concentrate on the scenery and action when the actors won’t stop talking. It failed to engage us sufficiently; instead of thinking we were actually in Oz, we knew we were stuck in a dark movie theatre, surrounded by dirtymonkeys popcorn.

Overall the movie was okay. Not wishing to cut a flying monkey in half, but we are forced to give it three flying monkeys out of five.


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