Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary
Doctor Who is now leading up to its 50th anniversary. Doctor Who is said to be the longest Science fiction show running around the world. The show first aired on November 23rd 1963 by the William Hartnell as the first doctor 50 years ago. Throughout the years, the face of the Doctor has transformed in to different actors; William Hartnell to Matt Smith and so on and so forth. On the 4th August 2013, the BBC announced that the new face of the doctor will be Peter Capaldi after Matt Smith decided to leave the world of Doctor Who.

The show has gained more than 3 million fans around the world and on Facebook. Thousands of fans around the world are waiting until The Day of the Doctor approaches us. Doctor Who has become an iconic show around the world and has less than 5 weeks (as of writing) to mark 50 years to the day since Doctor Who first appeared on British TV screens; the current writer Steven Moffat had delightedly announced that he will be making a special 75 minute episode of Doctor Who to celebrate its 50 years. Steven Moffat began filming on 2nd April 2013 and finished filming the episode on the 6th May 2013.

Steven Moffat named the episode as “The Day of the Doctor”. The BBC has announced to the world that it will be celebrating Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary by putting on a 3-day event in Ex-cel London bringing together over 15,000 fans for the ultimate Doctor Who anniversary celebration beginning on Friday 22nd November.

The Day of the Doctor will be aired in over 75 countries simultaneously to avoid any plot leaks. Cinemas in America, New Zealand and the UK have agreed to show The Day of the Doctor in their cinemas on Saturday 3rd November 2013 at 07:30pm. This was the exact time and date when the first episode of Doctor Who was shown on British television during William Hartnell’s era.

A trailer had recently come out on BBC One. I had interviewed five people who were interested in Doctor Who and one of the questions included in my interview was:
“The trailer of The Day of the Doctor was shown on BBC. Was that the kind of trailer you were expecting?” Almost half of the people I interviewed said if it was the trailer they were expecting to see because the trailers shows all of the incarnations of the doctor and this means it going to be something very special and it gives a clue what is going to happen in “The Day of the Doctor”

Former doctor, David Tennant and his former side-kick, Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler returned to Doctor Who to star in The Day of the Doctor. Some people had found the news extraordinary because loads of Doctor Who fans and even non Doctor Who fans had liked David Tennant better than others doctors. Matt Smith will also be starring in The Day of the Doctor along with his companion Jenna Louise-Coleman who plays Clara Oswald. Finally a strange character has come upon the episode; Steven Moffat calls him “the mystery doctor.” The one who plays this doctor is John Hurt. He previously appeared in one of the Doctor Who episodes called “The Name of the Doctor.” He was shown at the ending of the episode.
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