Goose Fair Over The Years

On Wednesday 2nd October 2013 the
doors to every young person’s dream opened with a grand entrance. The much
anticipated goose fair had finally arrived with brand new thrilling rides and
amusements. The enticing lights and atmosphere had captured every teenager’s

Rides and food stalls cluttered the Forest recreation ground – just like old
times! Or is it….?

New Rides and classic rides.

This year the classic rides have returned – the carousel, the big wheel and the
helter-skelter! But it seems as if everyone’s asking one question – where’s Big
Ben gone? From our research it has been confirmed that the ‘Big Ben’ also known
as ‘Big Dong’ has been officially sold to France and there is a high chance it
will not return to goose fair either. However the rides are coming and going,
and this year the most acknowledged and awaited ride was ‘Air’. ‘Air’ was the tallest family ride
attraction present in the festival, a modern version of the swings but approximately
ten times higher.

How it is different from the past?

Goose fair has changed thoroughly over the years. This is how:


In 1892 you could pay to see Polly Gracious, the fat child or Major and Madame
Mite, the midgets.

By 1898 early forms of cinema were the main attraction at Goose Fair. But Race
also noted something that would shock the Victorian values of the time.

In the 19th century, the fair was shortened from eight days to three days, but
after the turn of the century it was increased again to four days.


Wendy & Kevin:

“Our memories of the goose fair go back to the 70s onwards. My brother has
still got some plaques which he won on the rifle range, also a pot clown money
box, and I’ve still got a monkey cuddly toy which makes monkey sounds and we
have still got them now. We still love walking round the goose fair for the
lovely smells and music blasting out from the sounds of the 70s, 80s and 90s
and don’t forget the good old mushy peas and mint sauce. And goose fair food –
yum yum!”


“I always loved the various options of foods” – Matthew

“It’s always busy and the atmosphere is amazing with bright lights and the
latest tunes blasting out”- Adam

“The ghost train was always the best – and they always managed to find a new
way to improve” – Student from year 10


Goose Fair has been the best experience, there has been a few lesser stalls
which was a disappointment but the rides make up for it. The food variety has
expanded and goose fair has developed so much. Goose fair has been an amazing
opportunity – a place for the entire family and suitable for all ages.


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