New Notes for England

The bank of England has issued that in 2016 new plastic banknotes will be introduced. This is said to stop the loss of money in water. Say if you accidently put it in the washing machine it will be fine. They started being produced first in Australia then New Zealand and Singapore, Mexico, Fiji and Canada soon followed in their footsteps.

The bank also says that it will keep banknotes more hygienic as they will stay cleaner as you can wash them. Most of the public approve of these new banknotes but some say they are too slippery and therefore easier to drop. For over 100 years we have used the paper banknotes on a day to day basis.

It will start as a £5 note and then one year later we will see the £10 note. The new banknotes will be made from a thin, transparent and flexible film made of polypropylene. They should last 2.5 times longer than what we have today. Redesigns for them have also started and it has been announced that Churchill’s illustration will be on the £5 note.

It is not the first time we’ve used plastic banknotes in the UK. Northern Ireland issued a polymer £5 note to celebrate the year 2000. Also the Isle of Man issued a plastic note but it was withdrawn because of problems with the ink.

By Adam T


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