The Musical Life at Bluecoat Academy

There are many students at Bluecoat Academy who are extremely talented at music. Throughout the years in Bluecoat, there has been a musical production every year. The musical geniuses in charge of these drama productions are Mr Mansell, Mr Collins and Mrs Clark. The last production shown was George Orwell’s Animal Farm. This year another production will be shown at Bluecoat. According to teachers and students, the production currently being made is Joseph and the Technicolor Dream-coat by Tim Rice. This will be shown in June next year.

I interviewed one of the music teachers, Mr Collins, who has been working here for 9 years, on his views on the productions here and what it is like to make the productions with the students here.

1.     What do you like about producing musical production at Bluecoat Academy?

“I like working with the students in a different way to working with them in a classroom and doing something really high-standard professional with them. It’s really good fun and it good to do something different. It’s exciting”

2.     What production are you currently working on?

“We are currently working on ‘Joseph and his amazing Technicolor Dream-coat’ which we are doing with the Year 7-9 students and we are going to produce that in June 2014.”

3.     Would you once in a while use some of the student’s ideas of what production to do next?

“Yeah, we quite often listen to what the students suggest, although they always suggest the same thing so we try to vary it a bit.”

4.     Do you think each year, the drama productions have got better? 

Yes and no, they’ve got better because if the same students are in- then they get better because they learn the tricks to the trade as it was.”

5.     How do you decide what production to do each year?

“Just-we basically have several ideas and we kick them around and discuss them and talk about them between me and Mr Mansell until we come up with something and like it.”

6.     What is the best part of teaching music in school?

“When students get something that is quite a complicated thing, they understand it and you see them using it. It’s very exciting.”

By Adam K


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