Game over 01 – Flappy Bird

The hit game flappy bird has been taken off all app stores. The creator of flappy bird (Dong Nguyen) announced that he could not take it anymore.  We were given about a day’s notice before he deleted it. Why would a game that got over 50 million downloads just be removed?

Although it is a very simple game it did win over the hearts of millions. Flappy bird is a game where you have to guide a bird through pipes. Some people get very angry at the game and it caused a lot of problems. Many people did get angry at the maker and this may have been the reason for him taking the game down.

It is still making the developer money though as those who do have the game still see the adverts. Money is also made from people who sell their devices with the game on E-Bay saw a phone on sale for £150,000. This shows that  you can still get the game if you wish.

Adam T

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