Beauty School?

Many pupils in the UK wear makeup to school every day. Some people wonder if the opportunity to wear makeup should be allowed or not. We asked a variety of students at Bluecoat Academy about their opinions.

We asked 3 pupils. One of them said, “I think you should be allowed to wear makeup to school, but not very noticeable. Children may want to make themselves look pretty to boost their self – esteem, but too much makes you look too old for your age. Who would want to grow up fast? If you wear too much makeup in lessons, that’s all you would think about, so why wear any at all? Makeup should be allowed to be worn to school but not very noticeable.” This suggests that pupils sometimes can try to act older than they actually are.

The next student informed us, “I personally don’t wear makeup because it makes people too conscious about them wearing makeup to school.”

The final person was quoted, “It might be quite upsetting for kids from poor families because they would feel left out and worthless, which could also cause depression because of how bad they think they look.” It shows that students wearing makeup can sometimes cause tension with other pupils.

We also asked a teacher what her opinions were. She replied, “I think it is a shame that students feel they need to wear makeup to school; I think it reflects the pressure the media puts onto teenagers to be body conscious. I have nothing against natural makeup but I don’t think students should wear heavy makeup as it is inappropriate for the ‘workplace’.”

As we come to a conclusion we believe that a minimal amount of makeup could be allowed. This is purely just to conceal any spots or blemishes that students might feel embarrassed about.

Jannat.M   Marjana.A   Tayla.S


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