Bluecoat Academy Orchestra

Students from both the Aspley Lane and Wollaton Park campus joined together to participate in the Bluecoat Academy Orchestra day. The students worked together as a full orchestra then departed into groups to learn and practise a variety of pieces such as the famous march from Star Wars. The students had fun trying out each other’s instruments and at the end of the day they performed in front of a small audience. This was good practice for the concert on the 18th March.

The head of music and the conductor of the Orchestra was interviewed and when asked about how he felt the day had gone responded that the day was a great success. I then asked him what he plans to do in the future and he replied that they “plan to play in the spring concert… and play another concert in the summer.” After the recent concert I asked Mr C what he thought of the Orchestra’s performance and he answered that “the orchestra played really well. They were in tune!” Overall Mr C feels that “Talented” best describes the Bluecoat Academy Orchestra.

Several students were asked how they thought the day went. Nahalia and Jill thought the day was fun and went well. After interviewing a student named Heather, I found that the day was really fun, relaxed and she liked how they played a variety of music.

“It was nice that we were working towards something.”

The Concert

On the 18th March the Bluecoat Academy Orchestra performed at their first concert at the Aspley Lane campus. Students from all over the school performed; a few students played instruments and others sang. The Orchestra was the big finale. The students all tried their very best and enjoyed taking part. Overall it was a great success.



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