Educational Games

Many teachers are encouraging learning through educational games but is this style of teaching the way forward?

For almost every subject, you can go on BBC Bitesize but there is also I am learning, Mymaths and mathletics. I am learning and BBC Bitesize, use a system that makes it so you answer a few questions then you play a game. Whereas Mymaths and mathletics are purely question after question after question. But is this the way forward or are the kids putting in random answers and focusing on the games.

Should this be supported by more teachers or should it be scrapped. Some teachers may think that children might be immature and not do what they have been told to. However some teachers trust their pupils to act responsibly with the privilege of using the computers. Is it a matter of immaturity or do they just like to relax.

Is this the way forward or is technology taking over education?

– Caashim


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