Flappy Bird dilemma

Flappy Bird was first released on the app store on the 24th May 2013. It’s a famous worldwide game that stole the hearts of thousands of gamers and mobile addicts. However because of some confusing complications, Flappy Bird was taken off the app store.

No-one knows and will most likely never find out why Dong Nguyen had enough of the game, or why he didn’t want to keep it.
He quotes that he had enough of his famous life which is the most likely reason why he took the game down.

Don’t despair, fans of Flappy Bird! Smiley Tappy is a game which is very similar to Flappy bird and therefore offers the same joy as Flappy Bird. The only difference is that in Smiley Tappy the aim is to dive through as many pipes as possible meanwhile collecting as many coins as you can
For those of you that couldn’t get over the Flappy Bird take-down, luckily Dong Nguyen is considering the Flappy Bird come-back and is thinking of releasing it in the up-coming months. Hopefully he has made some changes to the game to stop other complications developing.




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