GCSE – Grade F in Marking

Shocked head teachers at secondary schools have asked for the remarking of GCSE papers. The Welsh’s marks have suddenly dropped and it is quite worrying. The WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee) only found all marking schemes, but one, were applied consistently. It has been said that 318 papers will be remarked.
Many teachers and students have been stressed out because of the low marks. The WJEC say they are taking action towards the situation. These GCSEs are very important as they can give you the qualifications for jobs without going to college. It was said that it would be stricter marking but 16 months ago they said that it would not affect grades. This could be the problem.
Students can still challenge results and have them remarked like normal. Even just a slight inconsistence of the paper will cause it to be fully remarked. It has also been found out that some paper’s total scores have been added up wrong. Now more action will be taken towards the next set of papers that will be released in June.

Adam T


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