Do you know what haemophilia is? Most of you won’t. So let me tell you, haemophilia is a hereditary bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot properly, this is due to a factor deficiency.
I am aiming to educate schools and their teachers so they know what to do if a pupil with haemophilia bleeds. An opportunity to learn more about haemophilia is on April 17th, World Haemophilia Day. You can go red for haemophilia on April 17th; you’ll be joined by thousands of others. Schools and teachers need to know about living with haemophilia because approximately six thousand people in the UK have haemophilia and many of them are children. Haemophilia can be fatal if it’s not treated properly, teachers should know how and when haemophiliacs should be treated as the child may not be old enough to understand. Physical Education teachers should be very aware of any pupils with haemophilia as there are a few sports haemophiliacs shouldn’t do e.g. Rugby.
In The 1970’s secondary schools refused to let haemophiliacs into their school as they didn’t want that sort of responsibility. I believe this is wrong, haemophiliacs shouldn’t be denied education or opportunity. There have been many famous haemophiliacs, for example:
• Queen Victoria was a carrier of the genetic disorder.
• Also, the Paralympic swimmer, Jack Bridge, is a haemophiliac.
• Professor Green is also a haemophiliac!

You can also learn more about haemophilia on ‘HaemoWhat?!’ by scanning the QR code above.

Haemophilia is a very important issue that we need to raise awareness for, we can do this in many ways and all we need is your support.



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