Hoppy Frog

After hit game Flappy Bird was taken off the market, a new game is rising to the challenge. This game is Hoppy Frog. In Hoppy Frog, you have to make a frog jump from cloud to cloud, avoiding eels and a shark, but being careful not to fall into the water.

Many people play it in their spare time, mostly at home. It is another game with 16-bit graphics, just like Flappy Bird. Also, it is very addictive, possibly even more so than Flappy Bird, but some people have not yet heard of it.

It is already rated great, the top mark, on a website, and according to statistics, it has already reached number 1, but can it get up there again? It has fallen down to 97th in free games on iPhone and 111th on iPad for free games.

A possibility is that it will be, deep down, just another game, but on the other hand, people may want more from Turbo Chilli, the developer, meaning they might be expected to make more addictive games.

This game was once at the top, but if it reaches the top again, will it survive, or be taken off the market like Flappy Bird? Can Turbo Chilli take the amazing pressure of being creators of a hit game that fell and rose again, or will they crumble like Gears Studios?



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