iPhone 5S and 5C make record sales

The iPhone 5s and 5c produced by Apple has met record sales. In its infant first three days it sky rocketed at nine million units sold! Apple has released a supernova of a phone but the iPhone 5c is almost a budget phone, for those that want a good phone but don’t want to spend near to a £1000 phone.
“This is our best iPhone launch yet―more than nine million new iPhones sold―a new record for first weekend sales” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.
The iPhone 5s is packed with the best features, 64 bit-chip, 1.0.7 IOS update, 8 megapixel Isight camera, finger touch identity, true tone flash with cold and warm flashes to deal with the lighting and skin tone, 4-inch retina display, mind blowing performance with an A6 chip and all with an incredible battery life. The 5c however is lacking in some of the astounding features of the 5s.
The prices between 5s and 5c has an astonishing range; they even have a difference in price amongst themselves. The price for the 5s differs whether it has a 16GB memory, costing £549, a 32GB memory, costing £629, or a 64GB, costing £709, a staggering cost.
They also come three colours space grey (black), silver (white), and an unusual, but popular, gold (champagne colour).
On the other hand, the iPhone 5c comes with 8GB memory, costing £429, 16GB memory, costing £469, and 32GB memory, costing £549. The iPhone 5c comes in many more colours(the C in iPhone 5c stands for colour); it comes in blue, pink, white, green, yellow with even more colours on the covers; the covers of the IPhone 5c have holes in the bottom, showing the owner the colour combination of the IPhone 5c and the cover.
In the factory packaging comes, obviously, the iPhone 5s or 5c, official Apple earphones, charger adapter and a USB lead. The improved version of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5s, has glass along the top and bottom of the front and back, aluminium plated at the back, the sides and around the home button which has been redesigned from the old concave design.

– Taysir


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