Nintendo Offline

Nintendo has decided to pull the plug on their free Wi-Fi services. All of the online games that we    love on the DS and Wii will no longer be able to play. The Wii U and the 3DS family will be unaffected but earlier devices will become less used, causing more sales for the newer ones. DLC will still be available though and they might become more popular. With all of these changes we can still expect many more great games from Nintendo, such as Pokémon Battle Trozei.

Only the online gaming, matchmaking and leader-boards will be affected and it may lower the excitement of some games. It is still good that we can play offline but it is taking out a lot of experience and can make some games harder to complete. Nintendo will either benefit or not with this change and it could depict the future of its games.

With not long to go now, we should all play all of the games which we want to remember. Once we reach May the 20th, we will no longer be able to connect. It may be sad times for some as some games are close to their hearts.

Adam T


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