Scottish School

The Scottish Borders Council wants to decrease the amount of time at school for children. Reporters say that it is educational and better for financial terms. It will take the last half of the day off on Friday; therefore students will go home at lunch. Many problems are caused by the change though…

Firstly, there is the problem with childcare. Many parents work during the day while their children are at school, so this can stop parents from doing their normal jobs and probably for a lower price. Next is transport. Say if you live out of the town that has your school in and your mum and dad picks you up every single day, what happens if they are working? Do you have to walk the two hour journey home?

It will also make students have a disadvantage against other students in the UK as they will miss lessons. If they miss lessons, won’t they miss a lot of school? Maybe they need to rethink these ideas and the Scottish will be the same as us.


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