Selfies are a type of self-portrait photograph which became popular during 2013/2014, however the first selfie (by definition) was taken in 1839. Selfies are being spread across social media sites, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter like wildfire.
In our survey we asked 32 random teenagers if they had ever taken a selfie and unsurprisingly 75% said they had taken a selfie.
Even celebrities and our world’s most powerful politicians have joined the selfie trend such as the Oscars selfie  which has become the most retweeted image on Twitter and has featured on multiple websites and front pages of newspapers.
Also Prime Minister David Cameron, US President Barack Obama and Denmark’s PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s selfie at the Nelson Mandela funeral caused some raised eyebrows by the worlds media because it shows what one person called an “interesting social phenomenon” of people taking selfies in serious places.
The word has even become part of the Oxford Dictionary and was voted word of the Year.
When will this phenomenon end? Who knows, but it has definitely made its mark on society.

-Aiden & Laura



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