Things to do before you leave school

Things to do before leaving secondary school

Many people believe that your years as a teenager are ‘the best of your life’ and that you should make the most of it. The National Trust have a list of 50 things to do before your 11 ¾, so, at Bluecoat Academy, the BBC reporters has put together a list of the things people thought you should do to make your time in Secondary school the best. 50 things was considered too much though, so the list states 21 things to do before leaving secondary school.

This list has been put together in the hope that students will be challenged to complete it, and that they enjoy the best parts of their existence. The list that has been drawn up might not be completely true, it is still hoped that everyone has fun and live this part of their life to the fullest.

Among the suggestions we have come up with a top 10, based on what students and staff have said. They are:

  1. Be top of a class
  2. Have a crush
  3. Go camping
  4. Bungee jump
  5. Learn how to cope with life
  6. High five every teacher in your school
  7. Be best in a subject you hate
  8. Watch a scary film at night with all your friends
  9. Trick a teacher


  1. Have fun!!!

We have made a film of us trying to complete some of these things…



The other suggestions for having some great and interesting teenage years are:

  1. Become a BBC reporter
  2. Read this list
  3. Get some GSCEs
  4. Take part in a school production
  5. Have a pet
  6. Go to school in a onesie
  7. Make a meal for your family
  8. Go to the cinema with your friends
  9. Hug a teacher
  10. Go abroad or on a trip with school
  11. Do the Duke of Edinburgh award

It is advised not to do any serious pranks or damage to your school as you will get in big trouble and could get your GCSEs taken away from you.

The article: written by Hannah

The film: done by Jill, Hannah and Avila; edited by


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