Violent Games: Harmful or Harmless

Violent video games: Who plays them? Are they Harmless or Harmful?

Violent video games are played mostly by teenagers throughout the world, but what teenagers may not know is that there have been claims that their brain can be affected dramatically.

Violent video games can affect your brain very easily. Your brain has a cognitive ability to adapt to stress which could mean the scenes witnessed get it there and take control of your frame of mind. However it has only happened very few times where someone has committed a crime due to the things they witness on video games.

Across the world millions of violent video games such as GTA V are made and sold for avid gamers. Violent video games are basically guns, blood and bad language and if teenagers are playing these everyday they are going to be witnessing a lot of violence and could be influenced by it.

We conducted a large survey of teenagers, with the first question being ‘Do you play violent video games?’ and the second being ‘Do you find them acceptable?’ We found that 69% of these teenagers play them and 83% of these teenagers find them acceptable. This shows that a lot of teenagers are actually playing violent video games and as their brain is not fully developed then the scenes/graphics on these games could then influence them.

To conclude we believe that only a small minority of teenagers are playing violent video games and that they may be influenced by them. However only maybe the unstable minded teenagers are affected by them and so we believe teenagers mainly play them for leisure.

-Laura and Aiden


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