Nintendo Offline

Nintendo has decided to pull the plug on their free Wi-Fi services. All of the online games that we    love on the DS and Wii will no longer be able to play. The Wii U and the 3DS family will be unaffected but earlier devices will become less used, causing more sales for the newer ones. DLC will still be available though and they might become more popular. With all of these changes we can still expect many more great games from Nintendo, such as Pokémon Battle Trozei.

Only the online gaming, matchmaking and leader-boards will be affected and it may lower the excitement of some games. It is still good that we can play offline but it is taking out a lot of experience and can make some games harder to complete. Nintendo will either benefit or not with this change and it could depict the future of its games.

With not long to go now, we should all play all of the games which we want to remember. Once we reach May the 20th, we will no longer be able to connect. It may be sad times for some as some games are close to their hearts.

Adam T


GCSE – Grade F in Marking

Shocked head teachers at secondary schools have asked for the remarking of GCSE papers. The Welsh’s marks have suddenly dropped and it is quite worrying. The WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee) only found all marking schemes, but one, were applied consistently. It has been said that 318 papers will be remarked.
Many teachers and students have been stressed out because of the low marks. The WJEC say they are taking action towards the situation. These GCSEs are very important as they can give you the qualifications for jobs without going to college. It was said that it would be stricter marking but 16 months ago they said that it would not affect grades. This could be the problem.
Students can still challenge results and have them remarked like normal. Even just a slight inconsistence of the paper will cause it to be fully remarked. It has also been found out that some paper’s total scores have been added up wrong. Now more action will be taken towards the next set of papers that will be released in June.

Adam T

Game over 01 – Flappy Bird

The hit game flappy bird has been taken off all app stores. The creator of flappy bird (Dong Nguyen) announced that he could not take it anymore.  We were given about a day’s notice before he deleted it. Why would a game that got over 50 million downloads just be removed?

Although it is a very simple game it did win over the hearts of millions. Flappy bird is a game where you have to guide a bird through pipes. Some people get very angry at the game and it caused a lot of problems. Many people did get angry at the maker and this may have been the reason for him taking the game down.

It is still making the developer money though as those who do have the game still see the adverts. Money is also made from people who sell their devices with the game on E-Bay saw a phone on sale for £150,000. This shows that  you can still get the game if you wish.

Adam T

New Notes for England

The bank of England has issued that in 2016 new plastic banknotes will be introduced. This is said to stop the loss of money in water. Say if you accidently put it in the washing machine it will be fine. They started being produced first in Australia then New Zealand and Singapore, Mexico, Fiji and Canada soon followed in their footsteps.

The bank also says that it will keep banknotes more hygienic as they will stay cleaner as you can wash them. Most of the public approve of these new banknotes but some say they are too slippery and therefore easier to drop. For over 100 years we have used the paper banknotes on a day to day basis.

It will start as a £5 note and then one year later we will see the £10 note. The new banknotes will be made from a thin, transparent and flexible film made of polypropylene. They should last 2.5 times longer than what we have today. Redesigns for them have also started and it has been announced that Churchill’s illustration will be on the £5 note.

It is not the first time we’ve used plastic banknotes in the UK. Northern Ireland issued a polymer £5 note to celebrate the year 2000. Also the Isle of Man issued a plastic note but it was withdrawn because of problems with the ink.

By Adam T