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Akinator Can Read Your Mind

Game review

Akinator Can Read Your Mind

We tested this game today and it was so amazing. The game gets you to think of a character and the Akinator will try and guess who or what you are thinking about. To do this, the Akinator will ask you a series of questions which you can only answer using yes, no, don’t know, probably, probably not.

It gets your guess right almost every single time.


I rate this game


I rate the game 4.5 stars because it is a fun game to try and trick the Akinator. I enjoy the game because it’s a weird feeling you get when Akinator gets your character right because you think he can actually read your mind!

It is easy to use because there are only 5 answer buttons. The layout is great because it resembles where you would expect to be, an Indian temple.

I suggest you play this game and see what you think. But be warned, legend has it that if you answer the questions incorrectly on purpose, you will take the place of Akinator in his lamp.

Running Wild

Long distance runners Abbie and Jess are the hottest topic! Only 13 years old and they’re running long distance, short distance, any distance you want! They thrive in marathons and cross-country and are both looking forward to moving onto the next step. Abbie came 17th in a cross-country competition in the East Midlands. Now that’s something to be proud of. She first started running in the later years of primary school after being nominated for an athletics competition. She now runs for a hobby inside and outside of school competing in many competitions and fun-runs. As for Jess she also started in primary school but not getting into running seriously until starting at Bluecoat. She also enjoys fun-runs which she competes in yearly. We also interviewed others on their thoughts of the topic: “I love running!” etc.

Will you sleep on this?

Your boyfriends will not be thinking of you in their dreams, but thinking about other men! Studies show that up to 70% of men will dream about men in their sleep. Barry Music Man states “I do not dream about men in my sleep, I tend to dream about both sexualities”. But is this the case for all men?
It is impossible to snore and dream at the same time. So to get your spouse snore free, get them to think of things before they go to sleep. That’s right; thinking of your favourite things before you go to sleep could mean that the specific thing appears in your dream. Crazy huh? Did you also know that 12% of people dream all their dreams in black and white? Is this the case for you? Do you know that you are virtually paralysed in your sleep?
Michael Materials Man says “When I was young, I had a recurring dream that a lion and tiger were chasing me from room to room. No matter how many rooms I went in and how fast I ran away, they would carry on chasing me. Then when I was much older, only a couple of years ago, I had a dream where a really old lion was walking towards me. I decided that this time, I would not let it chase me again. The lion then turned around and walked back into the trees.” We have researched and found out that this dream has a meaning. Chasing dreams usually symbolize that you are running away from your problems. What the problem is depends on what is chasing you. It may be a problem at work, or it may be something about yourself that you know is destructive. For example, you may have a smoking problem, and the dream is telling you that smoking is becoming a real issue.
You are worthless, you are pathetic and no one likes you. Ever had someone tell you this in your dreams? Well this is because you are being too hard on yourself either when you awake or in your sub consciousness. Or how about you’re walking down the corridor at school and people are looking at you in a rather funny way and all of a sudden you realise, you forgot to put your clothes on! Well this may be because you are trying to hide some or because you may not be prepared for a presentation or a test. If you are naked to yourself but no one else then your secret is unfounded or if you simply don’t care, you are happy with who you are.
Ever been tossing and turning in your bed but never been able to actually get to sleep? Japanese legend says when you can’t sleep it’s because you are awake in somebody else’s dream. Have you appeared in anyone’s dream? Who knows?
I hope you enjoyed reading this article but don’t think about it too much or it may appear in your dreams!

This article was written by: Gurleen, Beth, Abbie, Chantelle and Maya from the Bluecoat Academy!

Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat

Following last year’s successful performance of “Oliver!”, Bluecoat Academy’s talented young actors and actresses are working together to recreate the story of Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat.

Students have been working hard since October 2013 in preparation for their final performance in June 2014.

Joseph’s coat will be designed and created by the Year 9 Textiles team along with the help of designers from the large fashion company Paul Smith.

After interviewing some students who are a part of the performance we got very similar opinions about the musical:

“There is a very diverse range of people working in the musical”

“Students of every age are involved”

Members of the Textiles class working with designers from Paul Smith believe that working with a professional team of designers has helped broaden their knowledge of the textiles industry and led them towards the right path to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

“Working with them has given us an insight to what it’s like working on a big project in a design company”

Students who aren’t acting in the Musical think that it’s good that lots of students are given an opportunity to be a part of the show and it’s not just orientated around acting; everyone is involved in the making of it.

Students in the Aspley Lane and Wollaton Park campus are very excited for to watch the final performance in June.


Has Michael Gove gone too far?

Many people across the country are aware of a man named Michael Gove MP – particularly teachers. This is because Mr. Gove is the Secretary of State for Education. As many of you will have heard, much of what he has changed in schools across the UK is causing quite a lot of controversy among parents and teachers alike, but what about the students? What do we know exactly? Should we understand what’s happening in our schools?
Now you’re probably wondering what he is doing and planning on doing; well he is proposing ten hour school days, allowing for extra homework time, revision time and extra classwork. This is designed for the people who struggle to find an adequate and peaceful working environment at home. But this is a proposed three hour daily increase on the seven hour current time. If this change was enforced, school could end at approximately 6.30pm, assuming it shouldn’t start any earlier than 8:30, especially as many pupils wake up at 6am. In addition  to this , Gove wants children to sit exams at thirteen.
Much of this sounds quite unappealing, but none of it will necessarily happen. But what has Gove already done? He has cancelled a program that was improving results without having to privatize schools. He has axed the building schools for the future program funding new school buildings and refurbishments for a better quality education and learning environment. He has tried to enforce ‘traditional’ punishment methods such as writing lines, sitting detentions and litter picking. He has changed exams in a way that means it is harder to retake exams so only those who succeed on the day have an immediate advantage. He has scrapped the pay body for Teaching Assistants.

When asked what they thought of Michael Gove and his policies, teachers disagreed with his policies and felt quite strongly against what he is trying to enforce:
“I believe that Gove has ambitious ideas but that these ideas aren’t always acting upon the best advice from teachers.”
“I think that there are a lot of problems with Gove’s ideas and these problems need to be addressed.”
“I believe that Gove values a certain kind of education, and one which differs enormously to the education that the state is able to provide.”
“I don’t think he’s listening to the professionals, he has very narrow and antiquated views”
When students were asked the same thing, there was a mixed response. Those who knew who he was felt similarly to the teachers, but many did not know who he was or about his policies:
“I don’t really think that we are told enough about what he does, so to be honest I’m not sure”
“I don’t really know anything about Michael Gove”
“He has a lot of policies with potential and if he can put those into practice properly he could redeem himself but equally much of what he actually is putting into practice is completely ridiculous!”
“I don’t know who Michael Gove is”
“They’re stupid. They’re ridiculous, I don’t want to be in school for ten hours a day and that is not unreasonable”
The survey was taken randomly on a mixture of years and a mixture of teachers and it became apparent that teachers were sure of what they thought and had strong opinions, whereas students either had no idea or a very similar view to teachers- that his policies are wrong. Let’s hope then that tomorrow’s Secretary of State for Education has a better approach to education than today’s.





Three strikes for N.U.T

Schools across the nation closed as hundreds of teachers set out on a strike. The union that began the strike was N.U.T; they have had experience in executing strikes before, hit Britain and Wales three times before.
The government’s action against this was “It damages children’s education and will anger many parents”.

The reason for this strike is that the government want to make the school day from 8 am to 6pm! Additionally they want to make tougher pension packages for teachers throughout England and Wales.